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Bummer no pictures!!

So Heidi and I play this game "slug bug" but when we came to Brazil there were three VW buses on every street and my arm was getting sore so we decided to change the rules up a bit. Instead of punches we throw smooches. We spend quite a bit more time making out on the street than we ever have before, I think its been good for our marriage, you should try it.

After a week of hanging with Mom and Dad Wilder and Nathan Robertson in Namibia, Heidi and I said our last goodbys and beet feet for Cape Town. After a breakdown on the bus we rolled into Cape Town late and roamed the streets avoiding the hippies and weirdos with our new Isreali friends and found a bunk bed for the next few nights. We soon decided on a plan for our stay which included a vehicle, duct tape, a large roll of TP and water guns but we couldn't find a car so instead we went swimming with the great whites, cage match, as I like to call it. What happens is they put one person in a cage with a shark and the one who comes out in one piece wins. Heidi and I are still in one piece (in actuality they put just the people in a cage for the sharks protection).

Any trip to Cape Town would be incomplete without a hike up Table Moutian so we made the trek on the morning of our departure for Johannesberg. The slight breeze and warm temps in town didn't give us any warnings of the gale force winds of the antarctic express chilling the mountian top. A half hour on top is all we could muster and down we trotted back to our hotel and in Lyle and Heidi costomary fashion we ended up running for our bus. It was firing up the engine as we pulled in.

We didn't leave any love in Jo'berg. The concrete jungle held nothing but our limp sleeping carcases for a little slumber and then strait to the airport for us. As we tried to send packages home we found ourselves running for the ticket counter again clearing the wire by mear moments. It seems the story of our trip, running the last few days or moments in a country or city only to just barely miss or make the time line. We are just savoring the moment, sucking the marrow out of the days, thats all.

A short hop over the pond landed us in Sao Paulo, Brazil and all the passengers clapped as the wheels touched down, curious, no one ever does that for me . . . were these folks not really sure if we would make it? After a few nice locals in broken english and both of our words in Portugese, a bus, three trains, and a longer walk than necisarry we entered Lime Time hostel for a few blissful nights, in the dorm. Soa Paulo is a city by all measures and we are ready to leave. We prefer the real jungle. Amazon river here we come. Tomorrow we go to Manaus for a walk about.

After spending time with the family in Namibia we had a bit of a reality check and real life hit us in the face for just a moment. We contemplated returning to real life were we don't get to spend all our time together and we need to make money instead of just spending it. Its a weird thing, we're going to try and forget about it until we are forced to remember.

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