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I swallowed hard and pulled the trigger.

It was hard seeing it go, it took so many years to grow and now it is gone.

We finally bought our tickets, the tickets for our trip and now the bank account is withering. We are counting down the days and feeling the time crunch to get our chores done. Only a few "Have To Do" items remain and the weight on our minds grow lighter. I wanted to publish a list of our travel dates and locations to let you know where and when we'll be and to invite any of you to join us along the way! Seriously consider it, lets meet up in Egypt and explore the pyramids together or in Tanzania and climb Kili together, or maybe in Peru and we'll surf the beaches and explore Pachu Picchu or raft part of the Amazon!
- OK here goes -

Alaska to Portland - October 3rd

Portland to Mexico - October 21st

Mexico to Thailand - November 18th

Thailand to Egypt - February 11th

Egypt to Kenya - February 27th

Kenya overland to South Africa

South Africa to Brazil - April 6th

Brazil overland to Peru

Peru to Panama - May 6th

Panama to Alaska May 15th

All right now you know, its your job to come! See you there!