Camel Spit

Armed with a very little knowledge from late nights in the book stores reading guide books and not wanting to waist a single day, we hatched a plan to go into the heart of the tourist trade and visit the massive towering pyramids. We knew enough not to trust all the crowds of Egyptians trying to sell us a ride on their donkey or the folks trying to usher us into their shop, but we were duped before we even arrived at the pyramids. Being the thrifty traveler we rode the subway most of the way then a cheap group taxi and that is where we were taken. He befriended us on the way and ushered us in the ally way only to empty our pockets with sweet tea and cheap talk. We did ride a camel and a tired old horse through the blowing sands and thoroughly enjoyed our whole experience except for that sick feeling in my gut at paying double for a our excursion.
There are four pairs of underwear on this manikin . . .
Our time in Thailand wrapped up with only a few loose ends that Heidi and I had to pass off to other people taking our place. After only a week of traveling and seeing the sights we realize how much more rewarding working with a group like the Free Burma Rangers is. Their mission and values are easy to take on as our own! Heidi and I felt such a connection with our new friends at FBR and we are thankful to be involved with such a needed organization. We believe it was a total God thing for us to be there when we were and to do the things we did.

After chasing our tails with the Brazilian Embassy we finally freed ourselves of their grasp and abandoned the big city, Cairo. We took an over night train "saving money on a hotel" but believe me that plan did not pan out as the bus careened through mountain passes and over giant pot holes tossing us to the ceiling. We did enjoy a pleasant day in the tourist trap of a city called Hurghada. After surveying the property we promptly donned our swimsuits and swam out to an old boat that had sunk in a storm, then over to the adjacent property and snuck through the gate. I gave Heidi her first windsurfing lesson in the light breeze off the Red Sea. The kiddie water slide was fun then we retired and nursed our sunburned bodies in our hotel room. The next morning we made our way into town and caught the first bus out of that town for Luxor.

At this moment Heidi and I are exhausted after a tiring day of driving our bicycles all over Luxor exploring the valley of the Kings and other nearby sights. Over the loudspeaker the Muslim call to prayer is lilting through the air adding a surreal feeling to the hot evening sun peeking through the cracks in the un-finished, semi-covered roof we are sitting on. All this after a fitful nights sleep on this same roof of our hostel listening to the sounds of a city like a child that will not close its eyes to rest. Thankfully Heidi has seemed to recover fully from her duel with the little malaria bugs. We must be careful as sometimes those little creatures hide in the liver and make a nasty come back down the road a piece.

"Cheap rubbish for sale" he said with a smile "why should I lie!"
Bazaar shop owner in Luxor

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