Hospital, hospital, we have a transport

It took exactly 2 weeks, numerous discussions on the best methods, several e-mails to Super Cub experts (thank you Jeremy and Matt), and lots of laughs for Lyle and Dave to finish the annual on the plane. The timing could not have been better either as Mark and his new wife Carmen arrived home on Friday evening and the plane was needed the next morning. Praise the Lord! Often during those two weeks, while I was puttering around the hanger doing odd jobs, I had the privilege of listening to Dave and Lyle banter back and forth. It brought me such joy because I could see Lyle was really filling a need for Dave. He helped with the annual and was a wealth of information about different ways to do things in the aviation world. God's timing is perfect and I really feel He orchestrated our trip perfectly for Lyle to be of service to Dave.

The rest of the week leading up to the completion of the annual was filled with much the same task as the previous week. On Saturday we had one more chance to head to Delia's family ranch to retrieve the picked corn before all the little animals had their way with it. Lyle and Dave spent the week days working tirelessly on the plane and I found jobs here and there to be useful. The hospital had an eye-surgery weekend where they bring down skilled doctors from the states and do hundreds of different eye-surgeries. Therefore I spent a few days there helping with the preparations, including one day where I spent 3 hours doing nothing but laundry because the hospital uses one load of water twice, draining one machine into the other. You must watch the laundry to catch it at the right moment. Spending time at the hospital is always a comical event sense I know very little Spanish. Creative hand-signalling has become my new second language. One additional activity Lyle and I were able to be part of was a patient transport. We drove about one hour in the hospital ambulance to a near by town, dropped of the patient, then Lyle drove home sounding the sirens merrily all the way.
Over the past two and a half weeks I have thought endlessly about God's blueprint for saving people. Questions about methods, and approaches, techniques, and attitudes have all run over and over in my brain. Always God has brought me back to one basic but difficult answer. There is NO set method or formula. God uses all kinds of people in all kinds of situations, in all kinds of ways to meet all kinds of needs. The way to be used by Him in His smorgasbord approach is to continually be seeking a deeper relationship with Him so we are sensitive to the leading of the Holy Spirit. To punctuate this answer to all my burning questions He had my beautiful sister-in-law send an e-mail that they recently found great truth in.
"The impact God has planned for us does not occur when we are pursuing impact.
It occurs when we are pursuing God."


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